Saturday, January 07, 2006

My New Blogspot

Tonight I was online and viewing several blogspots and becoming intrigued by this new and inventive way of expressing one's self. I occasionally read my son's blog to see what he has been up to and to become up to speed on his life. There is a creativeness that comes out when one can compose a daily diary of their life for all to see. Question to remain annonymous or not? I guess that would depend on the content of the blog and how much I would want others to know about my life - truth or not. Here we go......
The start of a new year brought some not so nice feelings to me. The busyness of the season, along with the stress of the clean up afterwards, has left me feeling at my wits end. Every little thing becomes enormous to me and the emotional part of me deep down comes out. Visual memories of mom's passing two years ago flashes in my mind and the tears flow and flow and flow. The tasks that are at hand just seem impossible to tackle and I do not know where to begin in my unorganized house. I try to stay away from the house so that I am not reminded every day that I have a big undertaking to do. I must deal with this soon - not enough hours in the day to finish. Need to take time off work to accomplish this. Oh to go back to the days when I was not a working mom but a homemaker at home. I would appreciate it a lot more now and not take it for granted.
My children are getting older now and time has passed by so quickly. One 21, one graduating this year, and one entering high school in the fall. Days filled with work, basketball, home, weekends full of activities - all of these leave little time for much else. A getaway spring break trip to Hawaii will be nice. Time to not think about anything else but having fun in the sun.
A successful tournament weekend for both daughters - one with 3 game wins, another with a third place finish. They are both great players and dedicated in what they love to do - basketball.
Till another day....